Recently Purchased!!!

Hi, my dear journalists.

I know I haven’t been really active this days. Class just start this monday. And the week haven’t finished yet, but I already know that I will suffer in at least two of my classes.

But… That is not the reason of this post. This is a HAPPY post. Cause I’ve purchased new books and that’s enough reason to be happy for weeks. 🙂

Now, now, now…

Here are the babies that are now housed in my Kindle.

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You don’t know how much I wanted to read Mer and Shepley’s story.








I met Emma Chase thanks to Tangled Series and fell in love with everyone of her books since then. I know Sustained won’t be the exception.










It had just been three weeks since I finished the first book on this Duet. And Laureling Paige is now one of my to-go authors. Review of Free Me coming soon.









This purchase was a spontaneous one. Saw the cover. A hot one. Read the blurb. Mmmm, revenge. I like when the girl gets her revenge against the jackass. I predict this book will be hot and funny.










I loved the title and the cover with the crossed out words. Then I read the synopsis and damn it… had to ask my mom for some money for this one. I have my savings but they are not enough sometimes.










Some will be reviewed and other not it depends how much I enjoy them.

Alive and Reading

Hello, everyone.

After a long time caught in reality, finally I’ve been freed. Personal issues prevented me publish a new post in more than two weeks. I’m sorry, deeply sorry about that.

I’ve been doing several things, reading was one of them but the  most important was, getting ready for the start of class in the University by the end of august.

I don’t think I’ve told you about my major, which is Computer Science. How I get the time to read the amount of books I read per month between coding and algorithms and math class and studying for the exams is out of my knowledge.

The amount of time I spend on the computer for the only purpose of this website is going to be reduced. But I’ll try me best to post, at least, three entries per week. I’ll see how can I make my schedule work for the next seventeen weeks to not be a ghost reviewer.

As always, thank you for reading.

Quoting Midweeks: Fatshionista


What is Quoting Midweeks?
Randomly, choose a page of your current read and share two sentences, phrases or quotes. Please, avoid spoiler for possible futures readers.

Just featured on wednesday and/or thursday.

by Vanessa McKnight
Published on May 31, 2013


 I didn’t typically cry when I was sad; I cried when I was angry. I had an angry cry.

Well, I had an angry shout so I totally understand it.

“Oh! You should have said earlier this was about your dismal love life! I would have cancelled my appointment and given you my whole evening” Again, she barely got the words out, she was laughing so hard.

Again, I can see one of my friends doint exactly the same with me.

Fatshionista is a book out of the box, that I HIGHLY recommend to avid readers.