Killer Curves (A Guarding her Body Novel)
by Naima Simone
Published by Entangled Publishing LLC
on November 30th 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4stars
Steamy Level:4chilis


Lately, things have been a little weird for Sloane Barrett—late night crank calls, disturbing images in her inbox, her tires slashed. She tried not to let it bother her. She tried to pretend everything was ok. Then someone breaks into her house and attacks her…and Sloane realizes she needs professional help.
Tall, gorgeous, and overwhelming intense help.But Sloane knows all too well just how much trouble intense guys can be.
Security Specialist Ciaran Ross’s first priority is to ensure that Sloane is safe. His gut tells him she’s not—not from her attacker and not from him. Ciaran has already made the mistake of falling for a client and the results were disastrous. He won’t risk it again. He can’t. But running from love is the surest way to get Sloane killed…


The characters were amazing

I really wanted to post this review the release day, because I LOVED the book. Everything from the beginning was exciting, the characters, the dialogues, the well described chemistry AND the plot, because there are so many contemporary romance with bad plots right now that I wouldn’t handle well another bad plot. Don’t worry about that because it wasn’t the case with Naima Simone’s Killer Curves.

You know what I also hate about contemporary romance novels, that they are, most of the time, wrong cataloged as suspense novels when, in fact, there isn’t suspense at all in the entire book. It really gets on my nerves. And once again, it wasn’t the case with KILLER CURVES.

Sloane is having a difficult time, her longtime boyfriend just broke up with her and some nasty emails in her inbox are making her anxious. But is just after something horrible almost happen to her that she decides to ask for help.

Ciaran Ross is the business associate of Sloane long time best friend’s fiancé. And his work is to take care of Sloane so none can harm her again, but his feelings for her are making him lose control. He won’t risk to make the same mistakes and putting a client at risk.

I enjoy the story like you have no idea. It was well writing and the characters were amazing, specially Sloane. I really felt connected to her through all the story.

There are so many little facts in and about this book that I loved it so much.

Naima Simone’s writing has improved since the last book I read of her. And now I’m looking forward her next work.

For Katy Evans fans this is a totally pick up.

 Favorite Quotes

Flawless. Absolutely flawless. Like Michelangelo’s David-meets-the-las-tguy-who-played-Superman.

This girl is so funny!

Love meant losing.


You’re this light burning away the dark place I’ve existed in for so long. Existed, not lived.
 And in moments like this, I just wanted to do this:




About the Author

I was born the daughter of a sharecropper…okay, maybe not. But, I am the daughter of a pastor from whom I inherited my love of romance. The man can preach a mean Song of Solomon! (There’s that plug, Daddy! You can pay me later!)

Although my first book starred a cucumber named Fred, my first romance came several years later in the seventh grade when I wrote myself as a heroine opposite Ralph Tresvant from New Edition. Through the power of my pen and imagination, Ralph took one look across a crowded stadium, met my dark, mysterious gaze, fell passionately in love and serenaded me in front of millions of fans. Out of all the girls in the world, he chose me! And, of course we lived happily ever after—once we had the inevitable fight, aka black moment, and made up with a passionate declaration of love and fidelity. This same story reincarnated itself many times over the years: with Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and as recently as last night, Vin Diesel.

Though the characters have changed, my love of love has endured. Shaping the lives of the unique men and women who experience the first, hungry bites of lust, the dizzying heights of passion and the tender, healing heat of love— nothing compares to it. Except maybe discovering new material for love scenes with my husband, the head of Research & Development!

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RESOLUTIONS, Edition 2016


I post in twitter three hours ago that I’ll writing my resolutions for this year. But then I started thinking what I want my resolutions to be for this years -they’re in fact the first resolutions I’m ever writing -. I want them to be special and something that I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing it.

So here is what my incredible mind came out after three hours of thinking while watching booktag and book hauls in youtube.

I’m the best at procrastination 😉

R E S O L U T I O N S 

Edition 2016

  1. This is completely mainstream but I don’t care. Read more classics. I’d rather waste my time reading YA and NA than classics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not judging, is just that I want to know more about the beginnings of fiction novels. So yes, classics are on the list.
  2. This is goint to sound contradictory but I want to read fewer books than last year. According to GoodReads I read 123 books in 2015 it was a fantastic year full of amazing stories -and also awful stories -. But the last year was a risky year at college, I almost failed two courses last semester and that needs to change, so yeah, I want to read fewer books in order to improve my grades this year. In case you’re wondering this year I just want to read 80 books.
  3. I’ll try differente genres in 2016. Like horror or science fiction or noir novels, I don’t read them too much but I want to test myself.
  4. I’ll finish the series that I didn’t want to. Champion by Marie Lu, Allegiant by Veronica Roth are just examples of series I didn’t finish because I was to scare of the ending. I’m still scare but I’ll be brave.
  5. Two years ago I wrote a short story on Wattpad -you don’t know what Wattpad is? Click here -, I was happy because people liked what I wrote, I wasn’t famous in that social media but I enjoyed the process of writing something and letting other people read it. Flatter or criticize me. This year – as a matter of fact, tomorrow – I’ll be starting an online free course about CREATIVE WRITING. Is just three hours per week for eight weeks, but I really want to do improve myself.
  6. Participate on NaNoWriMo. I’m suscribe since 2013 but I’ve never written more than 1000 words each november. I’m so ashame about it, but that is something I want to change this year. I don’t want to be delusional and saying that I’ll complete the challenge but I think just doing more that 30% is a good start for me.
  7. Be a booktuber? This is something I don’t have perfectly clear, I really want to talk about books but since my first language is spanish and my primary blog is in english is rather difficult come out with a flawless idea about how this is going to work. I don’t want to unnecessarily stressed out myself. But this is something I’m really going to think about this year.
  8. About my precious, and I’m talking about this blog if you haven’t realized that. I want to dedicate a certain amount of hours per week just to keep it alive. I was negligent the last months of 2015, I don’t want to make the same mistake this year. Because talking about books is something that I really enjoy. I’ll dedicate 10 hours per week to my blog. And I’ll try to post at least three post each week.
  9. Participate is as many challenges as I can, without interfering with the idea of resolution number 2.


So this is it. My top 9 resolutions for 2016, It would have been better if I could have made another resolution, but I’m lazy. So just 9 this year.

Please, tell me what you think about my resolutions and feel free to share with me yours. 

See you in the next post!

Love, Lizzie 🙂

A Year Around in 52 Books #WeekThree

Hey guys, just writing this really short post to let you know that I’m still alive and reading.

So far, I’m doing great in this year-long challenge 😉

What books I’ve read till now?

Just two, because third week just started and I was bussy with Emma Chase’s new book, which I totally recommended btw.

To all the boys I loved before by Jenny Han, was my choice for week one (A book you meant to read in 2015, but didn’t), I had the book for so long but always find something else to read. What better excuse that this challenge?
The book was good, not my kind of story, tooooooo sweet and too unbelievably innocent. But I enjoyed, neverthless.

Never, Never by Nicole Yoon with ilustrations made by her husband, Davin Yoon, was terrific (A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2015). I enjoyed everty word in that book. I would had given it ten stars whether goodreads had a different rating scale.

Tomorrow I would be reading Scarlet for the third week of this challenge.
If you have read my previous post -thanks for it btw -you would have noticed that I wanted to read Scarlet by Marissa Meyer for the first week , but since I have to read a book set in a different continent I thought it would be better if a put Scarlet in that category. So yes, I would be reading it tomorwow.

Thank you for reading me, is just a pleasure to know that someone out there knows about me and my crazy book taste.

PS. It was a short post, wasn’t it?

Review: THE GIRLFRIEND REQUEST by Jodie Andrefski

The Girlfriend Request
by Jodie Andrefski
Published by Entangled Teen (CRUSH)
on January 11th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary, RomanceYoung Adult
Steamy Level:2chilis


Updating best friend to girlfriend is more than a change of status…

Emma has been best friends with Eli since she moved to his neighborhood ten years ago. Tired of being cast in the role of the girl next door, Emma creates a fake Facebook profile in the hopes of starting an online friendship with Eli, which would hopefully lead to more. Like…way more. From friend request to In a Relationship–it all seemed so completely logical when she’d planned it.

Eli can’t figure out what Emma is up to. He’s pretty sure she’s the one behind the Facebook profile, but then again, why would she do something so drastic instead of just admitting she wants to be more than friends? And who the heck is this new guy he saw her with? Eli starts to think that just maybe…he missed his chance with the girl next door.

Two best friends, one outlandish ruse. Their status is about to become way more than It’s Complicated…


This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one fake Facebook profile, two best friends who secretly crave each other, and a dreaded sex talk with parents…boy crush in the room included.

Pushing a relationship beyond the friend zone has never been so crazy…


I read the book summary and I knew I have to read it

It’s not often that I feel identified with the heroine of a young adult novel, but I couldn’t stop it with Emma because, who doesn’t have fell in love with someone unobtainable? I mean, it isn’t necessary your best friend but someone that you thought would never see you as a possible date or more –celebrities included –. And please, don’t try to deny it because everyone has go through it, at least once in a life time.

So, from the moment I read the book summary I knew I have to read it and if I couldn’t obtain an eARC then I would have to buy the ebook because there was no way I could not read it –thanks I did get the ARC, it’s always good to save some money.

If you don’t enjoy stories about daily problems of an average teenager in love, then this is probably not the book for you, because is full of that kinds of problems.

Emma has been in love with her best friend, Eli –btw, he is a boy, don’t let the funny name fool you – for years. But it’s difficult to left the friend zone to be in a better place called relationship and the risk of ruin one of the best things in her life is too much to take it. So she thought it was a great idea to create a fake Facebook account so Eli would fall in love with this beautiful and non-existent girl. I know what you’re thinking, that’s totally crazy, right? RIGHT?

Because if the whole idea of this fake identity is for Eli to fall in love with this fake girl, how that will end up with Eli loving Emma? I wasn’t get it, maybe I’m not as smart as I thought, or maybe Emma’s dumber than I thought.

The thing is that Eli already loved Emma for who she was, because hello? They were BEST FRIENDS; you don’t spend every weekend with the same person if you don’t love her in a certain way. But Emma wasn’t happy with that way and Eli didn’t give it much thought to worry about it.

But the drama doesn’t end with the fake Facebook account and the uncertainty if Eli will discover what Emma’s behavior is so strange these last days. In order to make all the façade more believable she starts dating this new guy who came out of nowhere and… Oh, surprise! Eli doesn’t get well this new Emma datable status.

Can it be more dramatic? Yes, it can, because is high school we are talking about. But in the same way is so fun to know what will happen next, that you don’t want to stop reading it. And being a fast and light read as it is, you don’t want to stop until you reach the last page in the book.

As I said it before, if you enjoy high school drama in books this is totally your kind of story. It’s a well written novel about how you can’t find love in the most unexpected person. For fans of THE DUFF by Kodi Keplinger, this is a must read.

*I was provided with an arc from the publisher.

About the Author

I’ve been passionate about reading since I was a little girl, which lead to a love of writing. I write YA–especially if it involves at least some kissing.
I have my B.S. in Secondary Education-English from Penn State University, and am also pursuing my M.S. in Mental Health Counseling.
I live in a small town in Pennsylvania with my teenage daughter.