Forget Me Always | Share That Quote


I met Sara Wolf almost three years ago when Love Me Never was first published as Lovely Vicious, an indie e-book novel. Her work even unedited was a magnificient, it was only  a matter of time before a publicist bought the rights of her novels.

The second book in the series Lovely Vicious will be published in November -can’t rembember the exact day -.

But I got the chance to read an early copy and here are some of the best quotes.


She runs because she can’t stand the thought of who she was a step behind.


Don’t try to fucking fix me. I’m not the princess, I’m the goddamn dragon.


“I go to parties and drink a whole bottle of scotch every night”
“Well, shit, I’d better tell your mom to put a down payment on a coffin real soon.”
“No, it’s fine. I’m donating my body. The demand for alcohol-ridden kidneys is huge. They eat them as a delicacy in France.”
“Bon appétit.” Aunt Beth chuckles.
“I gross myself out sometimes.”

Not everyone can understand how cool or unique is Isis Blake. I’ll love her forever.