My IT Challenge

I hate terror, well not really but I don’t often read it so you can say that I hate it. The thing is I always got scared easily, like way to easy. My older cousins made fun of me through all my childhood that’s why I haven’t watch any of the all time famous horror movies (i.e. Freeddy vs. Jason, The Exorcism of Emily Rose* and so much more)

This year I want to be brave and bold and do things, it doesn’t matter if they are the smallest steps ever taken, I just want to do what I’d have never imagined before.

Funny coincidence, the It movie will be released a few days before (not so sure about the premiere date in my country) my twenty-third birthday. So yeah, I will try to read this enormous novel before the new movie release in September.

So here I’m telling you this sad story about me trying to read IT, and doing a poor job at it. Hopefully this entry will force me to do it and not quit at the first horror scene.


If you have read this far, you’re probably asking yourself: Why don’t just read a short novella first instead of a 1500-page length novel?

I ask myself that a lot. I certainly don’t know, maybe I just want to raise the bar a bit higher.

Wish me luck, will you? 😉


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